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Vaewyn's Journal

Friday, July 14, 2006

12:29PM - Happy birthday Punq!

Hope you have a great one Punquin!

Friday, June 17, 2005

8:42AM - Man... time flies!

So... it's been one year since our little monster came into the world.

Happy Birthday Ian!!!

Oops... wrong picture... we need the good happy boy picture... not the BAD happy boy picture...

Ahh... much better :}

For the record.... I do a lot of pyrotechnic formulation (I make pretty things that go booooom in the sky) and the black stuff all over Ian's face is from when he got into my airfloat charcoal which although VERY messy is totally harmless. Who would have thought you could get that black from a teaspoon of powder. :} (and yes... all my chemicals are now locked away)

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

10:38AM - Our baby...

So here is the whole sordid tale :} I finally have the time to write it down here for everyone to read.

I placed it all in a LJ cut because it is LONG!

Click here for Ian's birth storyCollapse )

Thursday, August 7, 2003

8:26AM - What a day... :}

Well... went to meet wendy_w and maegan in Kokomo last night.

Drove down there an got there a bit early for the 5 o'clock meeting (Indiana time) only to find out that the place we had planned on eating at closed AT 5 o'clock.

Well we waited there anyways and figured we would meet wendy there and head to Schlotzsky's or Steak & Shake for food.

Well... time passed and about 5:15 I decided to call wendy_w's cell phone and see where she was in the trip. No luck... went to voicemail. So I left a message and then remembering I had forgotten to give her our cell number I sent a page to her with it.

Come to find out I should have called WAY earlier and given her our number :}

Finally around 5:42 I called her cell again and got her. Conversation went something like this:

Wendy: Hello
Vaewyn: Hi... it's Todd
Wendy: ......
Vaewyn: Hello?
Wendy: Hi.... Who is this?
Vaewyn: It's Todd
Wendy: Todd who?
Vaewyn: *slaps head cause he forgot* it's vaewyn
Wendy: OOOOHhhh! You would never beleive the day I am having.....

Hehehe... come to find out she had a tire blow out on her in the middle of podunkville and was still an hour drive away... and even though she had a new tire on it was making noises. :{

Well... we had to leave in 1hr and 15min or so... so bummer for us all :{

So we are going to try again sometime...
Wendy was VERY sorry for not being able to make it... she felt bad for us driving 2hrs down... in reality it was no big deal for us... We got a half day off work and a big chunk of time to spend together without having to work.

Denise and I just went over to Schlotzsky's and had a vege sandwich and then went to Steak & Shake and got wasted with a sugar high from a Peach shake :}

On the way back we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets we have seen in a long time... unfortunately a digital camera can't quite do it justice... but here it is:

Click on the image for the directory of pictures from yesterday

Current mood: cheerful

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

9:26AM - Woot!

Today Denise and I will be traveling to Kokomo, IN and meeting up with wendy_w and maegan.

Will be nice to meet some online friends finally :}

Monday, July 14, 2003

8:15AM - Hey! Who needs this cake?

*sends a birfday cake punquin's way*

Happy birthday toooooo yyoouuuuuu!
Happy birthday tooo you!
Happy biiirthday dear punquin!!!!!
Happpppyy birthday to you!

(Now arn't you glad you couldn't hear that rendition? :} )

Current mood: cheerful

Tuesday, September 3, 2002



We are finally mostly moved into the house. A just a couple trips from the apartment with the car and we will be totally moved.


Current mood: ecstatic

Tuesday, August 27, 2002


Hahaha... went to the house last night... Denise was getting ready to paint the basement floor. She dumped out the tank from the dehumidifier. No big deal right...

WRONG... :}  The sump pump in the basin she dumped it in came on. That was fine... but then when it turned off all the water that was heading up the pipe slammed back down.

That is normal... but the problem is... the joint just above the check valve wasn't glued... :}

WOOOOOSH water came back out the joint. Dropped about 3 gallons of water in a fountain from the top of the joint.

Current mood: amused

Monday, August 26, 2002


Well... the house is done... we have our "walk-through" to go over any final flaws tomorrow. This Friday is our closing and we will be sleeping there that night.

The place is REALLY looking beautiful. I am not just saying that because it is ours... The builders did a wonderful job.

Current mood: ecstatic

Tuesday, August 20, 2002


Guess what we did yesterday:

They also were working on installing the carpet. They have the upstairs done and the first floor has all the padding down. Here are some (bad because of light) pictures of the carpet:

Only 10 days till closing.... :)

Current mood: anxious

Monday, August 5, 2002

10:47AM - YEAH!

Well... we got our closing date set late last week. We will be closing on the house on August 30th. D00T!
It is all coming right along... They drilled the well on Friday.

We also got our mailbox put in. Yay for a real address!
Cabinets are also in:

So anyways... all good things basically...
D00t! :}

Current mood: anxious

Tuesday, July 23, 2002


Wow... long time no see to all...
The house is REALLY coming along:

They have given us a completion date of Aug 28th so... not too much longer to wait. We are already starting to pack stuff we won't need till then.

Anyways... that is all... continue on

Current mood: ecstatic

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

9:27AM - Holy curd monkeys fatman!

Well... Just got back from a vacation... and TONS of stuff happened... I will fill in more later but... here are things for specific people:
coral: I bet you can't guess how close to your place I was... Let me give you a hint...

For punquin: Wish you had been here:

Plus we got back to the house being @#$@#$ TOTALLY FRAMED!

Current mood: bouncy

Thursday, May 16, 2002

10:36AM - House update....

So... they dropped the pallets of forms in the basement hole Tuesday evening. So we thought, "They arn't going to make it before it rains on Thursday".
Umm... we were wrong... :)

Click on the image to see other pics from yesterday.

Today they will be stripping the forms and we will get to see exactly what the basement will look like.

Current mood: impressed

Wednesday, May 8, 2002

11:15AM - W00!!!

Well... house update...

Yesterday they got the footings done as you can see...
Supposed to rain and storm all today so I doubt they will get much done today....

Current mood: anxious

Monday, May 6, 2002

1:27PM - Ok... I can't resist

Yes that right... me in my cubical at work... ;}

Go to www.reasonablyclever.com and make yourself into legoman... or legowoman....

Current mood: amused

8:44AM - HOUSE!

Well... anyone that knows some of what Denise and I have been going through lately know how much of a relief and joy this is:

Unless the storm chases them away today they will be placing and pouring the footings... YAY!

Current mood: ecstatic

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

1:59PM - Eep!

I think that my computer and the weather have teamed up... We are getting spammed by July.


That is all...

Current mood: hot

Thursday, April 11, 2002


After 3 weeks of waiting for a process that is supposed to be 24hrs -> 4 business days we finally got a 'Yes' from the mortgage company.

Denise and I have zero credit history other than the loan for our land (which we payed off in 9 months so it wasn't of a 'long enough term' to show we were fiscally responsible) and our utilities.

We don't believe in credit cards and the debt they bring so...

Our broker asked the underwriter "Why the hell did it take so long?" (I guess they have been working together for years and have never taken more than a week).

The underwriters response was that in all his time he has never seen a couple with so much equity and absolutely NO credit history to speak of.

Anyways... So we finally got a yes and they will start digging the basement for the house in less than 2 weeks from today... YAY!

Current mood: giddy

Thursday, March 28, 2002

4:56PM - egads the house again.... :)

Well... we have had lots of fun in the house building this last couple weeks.

We had been planning to start building in May or June. The builder informed us though that wood and drywall prices are going up (something we had seen already from other places so we knew it wasn't just a sales tactic). So in order to lock in the price we had to be signed by Mar 29.

So we started everything quickly... We got the plans all squared away with them to make sure what I had changed in their plans was feasible (it was, the architect is even planning on changing to my design in their future homes cause he likes it so much (yay!))

After all that we needed pre-qualification and pre-approval so we were guaranteed a loan before they would continue at all.
So last Tuesday (Mar 18) we went down and submitted and signed everything to get the loan started and get an answer. Well... the person that handles the loan applications had pneumonia and so she wasn't in until this monday (Mar 25).

Well so as soon as she got in they sent it to the computer service to be approved. So we waited...

Wednesday morning (Mar 27 (yesterday)) she calls and says, 'The computer returned it saying that you are "out of scope"'. Which come to find out just means the computer can't make the decision and a real person has to look at all of our papers. So they rushed those out to Bank of America to get an answer.

Ok... for those of you paying real good attention here you will notice that this took place on the 27th... We have to be signed by the 29th.... and they Fedex overnighted our documents which means they will get to bank of america about 2pm today... and bank of america says that they need at least 1 business day to look everything over... Ohh and did I forget to mention. They are closed for good friday in the mortgage department.


So about this time Denise and I are both praying our heads off hoping upon hope that God is sending us the right direction on this. We wait in this state of shock and utter anguish till just after lunch. I have a message on my voice mail from the sales person at the builder's.

I call her back... I just get a chance to say hi (I was planning on begging and pleading for an extension) when she says, "We feel real bad that our delay has set you back like this, and I would really like to help you get the house before the price goes up. If you are willing to put down your earnest money we will hold the price and go ahead and start the CAD design work so when I get back from my vacation we will be ready to go.'

*Stunned silence for about 2 milliseconds*
"Yes YES YES... how much and where do you want it", I practically yelled over the phone.

So anyways... the gist of the deal is that God answered our prayer BIG time.... We get started earlier than we had ever planned... We pay less than we had been planning (because in this they also gave us quite a few concessions on various items) and we get to do it before the interest rates rise anymore...

Anyways... our life has been rather exciting lately. :)

Current mood: jubilant

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